Our Mission: Write a Mission Statement

A little over a year ago, John and I followed some smart people’s advice and set out to create a mission statement for our family (or maybe it was a purpose statement – I can’t remember the difference). We went out to dinner with a list of questions, and from our conversation and notes we identified some themes. Then we didn’t craft a mission statement. A few months later, another smart person asked us to help other people craft mission statements for their families and we went out to dinner again with a different set of questions, and this time we wrote a draft of our family’s mission statement (because we are both responsible rule-followers who like to help others).  Then we didn’t teach it to our kids or really talk about it to each other or anyone else for about a year (I thought about it a lot though, and changed parts of it without telling John). In January of this year, we went out to dinner again and I handed John our mission statement (my revised version) and suggested we talk about it again. He asked to see our first draft, which I conveniently did not bring. He still agreed to talk about it, surprisingly.

Now, sharing this mission statement here is something that the old Jenae would never have done. It would reveal to you what is really important to me, which is scary and makes me feel vulnerable. Right this second I want to start making excuses for and caveats to the mission statement. But, this is part of the light I need to let shine. I actually love having a mission statement. It gives us a grid through which our family can make choices, recognize and correct errors, and experience fruitfulness. It’s going to be the lens through which I think about what I write in this space. Putting it here will hopefully inspire me to teach it to my kids.

So here it is:

Because of who God is and what he has done, we will:

  • Love Sacrificially
  • Practice Grateful Joy
  • Pursue Wisdom with Humility
  • Seek Justice in our World

As we in Special Education always tell parents at IEP meetings – this is a draft. We can change this up at any time. I’m not painting it on the walls or ordering decals. It’s a working document. Ok. That feels better.